How to explain

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

– Ferris Bueller

And then I woke up one day and, much to my surprise, it was a Thursday in late-April 2012. I don’t know if that is a reflection of how much distraction there has been, how busy I’ve kept myself, or a sign of abject-laziness. In the six years I’ve been writing in some form or another, I haven’t ever gone so long without putting fingers to keys just for the sake of doing so, and I can feel a bunch of knots in my head needing to be unwound, something the keyboard is particularly good for. At least for me.

I haven’t just not been writing though. If anything, I suppose I got a little tired of just talking about things, I wanted to do some making. The first thing was a collaboration with my friends at Projucer, along with a few other special individuals. The Meaning of Mate started off in my head as some sort of digital shrine to the word “mate” and how Australians (and, to be fair, Kiwis and those from the UK among others) use it in a variety of situations. Thanks to friends in low places, we racked up over 250,000 views in the first week and wound up on YouTube’s Australian homepage for Australia Day.

Next up was Shitter, with a much simpler premise: take people’s Twitter feeds and print it onto toilet paper. The tagline? Social media has never been so disposable. We thought people would have a laugh, and that the tech press might join in on it. We never expected to wind up in Forbes, on TV back in our native Australia, and a host of other channels and outlets. The euphoria of a successful launch turned into the pain of actually fulfilling on the manufacturing and shipping of the product itself, but it’s been a great learning experience.

A roll of Shitter in action © Gabriela Herman

All of this has been done under the banner of Collector’s Edition which is a company I’ve formed with some friends. I’m looking forward to writing more about it all over the next few months as we continue to launch projects into a fairly staid media environment, but I’m also looking forward to just writing more. It feels a little clunky at first, but in the words of your friend and mine Katie Chatfield, “Don’t tell me what you’re going to do, tell me what you did.”

I hit publish.

And then I got on with it.

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