Innovation big and small

I spent a large part of yesterday lying in bed with a headache – a rarity for me (the headache, not the lying in bed). A friend managed to find her last two pain killers at the bottom of a handbag, and I was eventually back on my feet, though it never quite went away.

I popped into my local pharmacy just now in order to be less reliant on random pills at the bottom of a bag in future, and spotted this in the drug aisle:

Help I have a headache - a new approach to pain-killers

Isn’t it interesting how just an alternate approach to design can completely re-brand a category or product experience? I particularly liked this warning on the back of the packaging:

It also reminded me of my friend Danny and his work with toilet paper start-up Who Gives A Crap? Their approach is novel, reinventing a phenomenally boring category by combining good design and a Tom’s Shoes approach to third-world sanitation:

Sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint and a knowing wink to an audience to bring them on board. If advertising is the price you pay for being boring, these two brands are ones that should be able to keep their wallets away at least for a little while.

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