Public success & private failure

#failcon - 16

I write on a somewhat regular basis for my friends at Uncluttered White Spaces.

Their consulting arm, 6.2 is about to host FailCon as part of Vivid Sydney. FailCon first launched in San Francisco in 2009 and has since added events in Brazil and France; this will be the first in Australia. It is sure to be a fun event, it has a great lineup and Vivid Sydney itself is a fantastic few weeks of entertainment in one of the world’s great cities.

On the theme of failure though, I wrote recently about my experience launching Shitter. Based on the press coverage at the time, it could only have been seen as an unbridled success. The reality behind the scenes however was rather different:

We had, without quite meaning to, found ourselves having to develop understandings of logistics, run customer service, pay suppliers, and do a bunch of things you don’t really think about but that any business that sells physical products online has to do. None of us had put our hands up for that business, yet that was, whether we liked it or not, the business we were in. Not in working on the next idea, but trying to get a straight answer out of an indifferent supplier as to when an order might arrive in Mexico.

You can read the rest over at Uncluttered White Spaces.

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